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Posts in 2020

  • Democracy is a beautiful thing

    06.11.2020 in Steering Committee

    Democracy is a beautiful thing, those that want to dedicate their own time to improve a community can step up and those that have the right to vote can freely speak their mind to elect the candidate they think will be a net positive to the community. …

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  • Changes to the Knative Project Governance

    30.09.2020 in Steering Committee

    Reviewer Date Approval One of the long-standing asks within the Knative community has been for the Steering Committee to clarify its charter and how the committee is composed. I’m happy to be able to say that we now have a new …

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  • Knative welcomes new TOC members

    12.05.2020 in Steering Committee

    This week, the Knative project successfully held its first TOC elections. The event constituted a milestone for the project’s governance, with 70% of voter turnout: 83 of the most active contributors to the project, representing companies like IBM, …

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  • 2019 Annual Report

    03.02.2020 in Steering Committee

    We have created a 2019 Knative annual report for the community. The report can be viewed here. We just want to say thank you to all our community members for contributing and helping us grow our community. We definitely could not have done it without …

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Posts in 2019

  • Steering update 12/2019

    18.12.2019 in Steering Committee

    Early last week, the Knative Steering Committee met in person for an all-day working session to deliver on our promise to restructure project governance. While there was plenty of healthy debate, the result was consensus that all committee members …

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Posts in 0001

  • 01.01.0001 in Steering Committee

    It’s time to kick off the Knative Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) elections again for 2021, and we are ready to accept nominations! This election will shape the future of Knative as a community and project. While WGs help shape the individual …

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