Knative TOC election process

Guiding Principles

  • The TOC seat should be earned by individuals and not company participation
  • Members of the TOC should be exemplary members of the community who have demonstrated our community values
  • The TOC should be made up of individuals from different working groups and vendors so that we have a diverse group of thought and input


The TOC will have five seats with a 2 year term, with a maximum of 2 seats being held by employees from the same organization (or conglomerate, in the case of companies owning each other).

There will be an annual election to determine the composition of the TOC for the following year. Three seats will be up for election in one year and two will be up for election the following year.

Candidate Eligibility

Current TOC members and Approvers with at least 3 months tenure are eligible to stand for election. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by another eligible member. The approximate time commitment of a TOC member is around 8 hours per week.

Please note that vendor or organization limits do not restrict candidate eligibility. We encourage all interested candidates in running as there may be occurrences where a TOC member steps down and is back-filled by the candidate with the next most votes from the previous election.

Voter Eligibility

Anyone who has at least 50 contributions in the last 12 months is eligible to vote in the TOC election. Contributions are defined as opening PRs, reviewing and commenting on PRs, opening and commenting on issues, writing design docs, commenting on design docs, helping people on slack, participating in working groups and etc.

This dashboard shows only GitHub based contributions and does not capture all the contributions we value. We expect this metric not to capture everyone who should be eligible to vote. If a community member has had significant contributions over the past year but is not captured in the dashboard, they will be able to submit an exception form to the steering committee who will then review and determine whether this member should be marked as an exception.

All eligible voters will be captured at knative/community/elections/$YEAR/TOC/ and the voters’ guide will be captured at knative/community/elections/$YEAR/TOC/ similar to the kubernetes election process.

We are committed to an inclusive process and will adapt future eligibility requirements based on community feedback.

Election Process

Elections will be held using a time-limited Condorcet ranking on Elekto. The top vote-getters will be elected to the open seats.

Election Officers

The steering committee will be the election officers for the technical oversight committee elections.


In the event of a resignation or other loss of an elected TOC member, the candidate with the next most votes from the previous election will be offered the seat. This process will continue until the seat is filled.

In case this fails to fill the seat, a special election for that position will be held as soon as possible. Eligible voters from the most recent election will vote in the special election (ie: eligibility will not be redetermined at the time of the special election). Any replacement TOC member will serve out the remainder of the term for the person they are replacing, regardless of the length of that remainder.

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