Knative Event Delivery Working Group Charter

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Note: the original document was written to focus on Knative Channels, but the TOC recommended refocusing on consistent data-plane behavior and the group renamed. The charter still contains many references to Channels.


The Knative Event Delivery Working Group will reduce the friction of finding, implementing, and using Knative compliant Channels. We will specify the interface for event delivery such that multiple implementations can be used by higher level pieces. As well as create conformance tests to verify a given implementation implements the interface correctly and make that information available for operators and developers.

Event Delivery is the fundamental data-plane building block for most of the Eventing working group’s APIs, including: Broker, Parallel, and Sequence. The stability and reliability of event delivery is thus critical for the majority of Eventing API’s surface area. Due to the importance of event delivery, this newly proposed Working Group will lead the Spec, API, documentation as well as conformance test in a focused way, helping implementers of eventing components and other APIs depending on event delivery, to guarantee a consistent and efficient data tranfer API.

We expect that other working groups will focus on how channels are used and in particular creating working group for Broker, Parallel, and Sequence (and similar higher level constructs) if needed.



In the existing Eventing repo inside the knative org:


In working group meetings:

Preliminary 3-Month Roadmap

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Working Group

We will operate as a partner group to Eventing, giving a brief update in the weekly Eventing working group meeting. We will additionally meet on a weekly basis, cancelled when there is a lack of agenda.

Proposed Leads


The Eventing WG created a Channel Task Force in May 2019, lead by Harwayne and matzew. It has been meeting on a weekly basis and has made progress on many of the issues above. As the scope of the task force has increased, it no longer has a clear exit condition. Therefore it feels more appropriate for it to be a working group, rather than a task force.