Installing the Knative Build component

Before you can run a Knative Build, you must install the Knative Build component in your Kubernetes cluster. Use this page to add the Knative Build component to an existing Knative installation.

You have the option to install and use only the components of Knative that you want, for example Knative serving is not required to create and run builds.

Before you begin

You must have a component of Knative installed and running in your Kubernetes cluster. For complete installation instructions, including how to install the Knative Build component, see Installing Knative.

Adding the Knative Build component

To add only the Knative Build component to an existing installation:

  1. Run the kubectl apply command to install Knative Build and its dependencies:
   kubectl apply --filename
  1. Run the kubectl get command to monitor the Knative Build components until all of the components show a STATUS of Running:
   kubectl get pods --namespace knative-build

Tip: Instead of running the kubectl get command multiple times, you can append the --watch flag to view the component’s status updates in real time. Use CTRL + C to exit watch mode.

You are now ready to create and run Knative Builds, see Creating a simple Knative Build to get started.

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