Knative personas

When discussing user actions, it is often helpful to define specific user roles who might want to do the action.

Knative Build

We expect the build components of Knative to be useful on their own, as well as in conjunction with the compute components.


The developer personas for build are broader than the serverless workloads that the knative compute product focuses on. Developers expect to have build tools that integrate with their native language tooling for managing dependencies and even detecting language and runtime dependencies.

User stories:

  • Start a build
  • Read build logs

Language operator / contributor

The language operators perform the work of integrating language tooling into the knative build system. This role can work either within a particular organization, or on behalf of a particular language runtime.

User stories:

  • Create a build image / build pack
  • Enable build signing / provenance


Contributors are an important part of the knative project. We always consider how infrastructure changes encourage and enable contributors to the project, as well as the impact on users.

Types of users:

  • Hobbyist or newcomer
  • Motivated user
  • Corporate (employed) maintainer
  • Consultant

User stories:

  • Check out the code
  • Build and run the code
  • Run tests
  • View test status
  • Run performance tests

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