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DeliverySpec.Timeout field

Flag name: delivery-timeout

Stage: Beta, enabled by default

Tracking issue: #5148

Persona: Developer

When using the delivery spec to configure event delivery parameters, you can use timeout field to specify the timeout for each sent HTTP request. The duration of the timeout parameter is specified using the ISO 8601 format.

The following example shows a Subscription that retries sending an event 3 times, and on each retry the request timeout is 5 seconds:

kind: Subscription
  name: example-subscription
  namespace: example-namespace
      kind: Service
      name: example-sink
    backoffDelay: PT2S
    backoffPolicy: linear
    retry: 3
    timeout: PT5S

You can specify a delivery spec for Channels, Subscriptions, Brokers, Triggers, and any other resource spec that accepts the delivery field.

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