Install on MicroK8s

MicroK8s is a lightweight, powerful fully-conformant Kubernetes that tracks upstream releases and makes clustering trivial. It can run on any flavor of Linux that supports Snap packages. It can run on Windows and Mac OS using Multipass. This guide walks you through the installation of Knative using MicroK8s.

If you need help or support please reach out on the Kubernetes forum or channel #microk8s. Additionally if you wish to contribute or report an issue please visit MicroK8s Github.

You can find guides for other platforms here.

Install MicroK8s

sudo snap install --classic microk8s

Alias MicroK8s kubectl for convenience

sudo snap alias microk8s.kubectl kubectl

Enable Knative

echo 'N;' | microk8s.enable knative

This command will install the Knative Serving 0.9.0 and Knative Eventing 0.9.0 components.

You can check the status of Knative pods using the following commands:

kubectl get pods -n knative-serving
kubectl get pods -n knative-eventing
kubectl get pods -n knative-monitoring

Cleaning up

Knative can be removed from MicroK8s using the following command:

sudo microk8s.disable knative

To delete MicroK8s along with Knative, Istio, and any deployed apps run:

sudo snap remove microk8s