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Hidden smoketest page

Use this page to test your changes and ensure that there are not any issues, unwanted behaviors, or regression that are caused by your changes.

Below are a set of site elements that have causes issues in the past.


  • Top level:
    1. A nested list item.
      1. another level lower
    2. Nested code sample:
      Syntax: {{< readfile file="../community/samples/serving/helloworld-java-quarkus/service.yaml" code=“true” lang=“yaml” >}}
      kind: Service
        name: helloworld-java-quarkus
            - image:
              - name: TARGET
                value: "Quarkus Sample v1"
    3. This should be the third bullet (3.).
      1. More nested code:
        Shortcode: {{< readfile file="/serving/samples/hello-world/helloworld-go/Dockerfile" code=“true” lang=“go” >}}
        # Use the official Golang image to create a build artifact.
        # This is based on Debian and sets the GOPATH to /go.
        FROM golang:1.13 as builder
        # Create and change to the app directory.
        WORKDIR /app
        # Retrieve application dependencies using go modules.
        # Allows container builds to reuse downloaded dependencies.
        COPY go.* ./
        RUN go mod download
        # Copy local code to the container image.
        COPY . ./
        # Build the binary.
        # -mod=readonly ensures immutable go.mod and go.sum in container builds.
        RUN CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux go build -mod=readonly -v -o server
        # Use the official Alpine image for a lean production container.
        FROM alpine:3
        RUN apk add --no-cache ca-certificates
        # Copy the binary to the production image from the builder stage.
        COPY --from=builder /app/server /server
        # Run the web service on container startup.
        CMD ["/server"]
      2. Another nested ordered list item (2.)

Code samples

The following use the readfile shortcode

    "hideMemberFields": [
    "hideTypePatterns": [
    "externalPackages": [
            "typeMatchPrefix": "^k8s\\.io/apimachinery/pkg/apis/meta/v1\\.Duration$",
            "docsURLTemplate": ""
            "typeMatchPrefix": "^k8s\\.io/(api|apimachinery/pkg/apis)/",
            "docsURLTemplate": "{{lower .TypeIdentifier}}-{{arrIndex .PackageSegments -1}}-{{arrIndex .PackageSegments -2}}"
            "typeMatchPrefix": "^github\\.com/knative/pkg/apis/duck/",
            "docsURLTemplate": "{{arrIndex .PackageSegments -1}}#{{.TypeIdentifier}}"
    "typeDisplayNamePrefixOverrides": {
        "": "Kubernetes ",
        "": "Kubernetes "
    "markdownDisabled": false

Something's not right. The ../Gopkg.toml file was not found.

Install version numbers and Clone branch commands

Examples of how the manual and dynamic version number or branch name can be added in-line with the version shortcode (uses the define values from config/_default/params.toml)

  1. Shortcode: {{% version %}}

    Example: kubectl apply version/v0.22.0/is-the-latest/docs-version.yaml

  2. Shortcode: {{% version override=“v0.2.2” %}}

    Example: kubectl apply the-version-override/v0.2.2/is-manually-specified.yaml

  3. Shortcode: {{% version patch=".20" %}}

    Example: kubectl apply this-is-a-point-release/v0.22.20/filename.yaml

  4. Shortcode: {{% branch %}}

    Example: git clone -b "release-0.21" knative-docs

  5. Shortcode: {{% branch override=“release-0.NEXT” %}}

    Example: git clone -b "release-0.NEXT" knative-docs