FAQs and troubleshooting

A collection of FAQs from other docs contributors.

Common GitHub PRs FAQs

  1. The CLA check fails even though you have signed the CLA. This may occur if you accept and commit suggestions in a pull request from another person’s account, because the email address of that account doesn’t match the address on record for the CLA. The commit will show up as co-authored, which can cause issues if your public email address has not signed the CLA.

  2. One or more tests are failing. If you do not see a specific error related to a change you made, and instead the errors are related to timeouts, try rerunning the test at a later time. There are running tasks that could result in timeouts or rate limiting if your test runs at the same time.

General troubleshooting

  1. Other Issues/Unsure - reach out in the #docs Slack channel and someone will be happy to help out.