Building API docs from the Knative component repos

The Knative API docs are built from the code in the Knative Serving and Eventing repos.

New API docs are generated and then published at for every release.

Source files

API source files are located at:

Updating API Reference docs (for Knative maintainers)

The Knative API reference documentation is manually generated using the tool. If you need to generate a new version of the API docs for a recent update or for a new release, you can use the following steps.

To learn more about the tool, see the gen-crd-api-reference-docs reference page.

Before you begin

You must meet the following requirements to run the tool:

Generating the API

To generate a version of the API:

  1. Ensure that your GOPATH is empty. The script will result in the GOPATH should not be set error if your GOPATH is configured. You view the value by running the following command:

    echo $GOPATH

    If your GOPATH is already configured, temporarily clear the GOPATH value by running the following command:

    export GOPATH=""
  2. Locate the commits or tags that correspond to the version of the API that you want to generate:

  3. To run the command from the hack directory, you specify the commits or tags for each of the corresponding Knative component variables (KNATIVE_[component_name]_COMMIT):

    cd hack
    KNATIVE_SERVING_COMMIT=[commit_or_tag] \
    KNATIVE_EVENTING_COMMIT=[commit_or_tag] \

    where [commit_or_tag] is the commit or tag in the specific repo that represents the version of the API that you want to generate. Also see the example below.


    The tool generates the API in a tmp folder. After a successful build, the tool automatically opens that folder in the tmp directory.

    If the script fails, there are a couple possible causes.

    • If you get the F1116 15:21:23.549503 63473 main.go:129] no API packages found in ./pkg/apis error, check if a new version of the script is available:

      The script is kept up-to-date with changes that go into the Kubernetes API. As Knative adds support for those APIs, you might need to make sure the corresponding script gen-crd-api-reference-docs version is used.

    • If you get the F0807 13:58:20.621526 168834 main.go:444] type invalid type has kind=Unsupported which is unhandled error, the import target might have moved. There might be other causes for that error but view #2054 (and the linked Issues) for details about how we handled that error in the past.

  4. Copy the generated API files into the docs/reference directory of your knative/docs clone.

  5. The linter now fails for content with trailing whitespaces. Use a tool of your choice to remove all trailing whitespace. For example, search for and remove: \s+$

You can now perform the necessary steps to open a PR, complete a review, and merge the new API files into the appropriate branch of the knative/docs repo. See the contributor flow for details about requesting changes in the knative/docs repo.


To build a set of Knative API docs for v0.18, you can use the v0.18.0 the tags from each of the Knative component repositories, like Serving v0.18.0. If you want to use a commit for Serving v0.18.0, you would use 850b7c.

Using tags from each repo, you would run the following command to generate the v0.18.0 API source files: