Maintaining the Knative doc and website repos

How GitHub and Netlify are hooked up is built and served by Netlify on their platform. When debugging issues on the website, it can be useful to understand what Netlify is doing (as we’ve configured it).

Generally, Netlify runs Hugo/Docsy builds and publishes everything that gets merged into the knative/docs and knative/website repos (anything in knative/community will get picked up when either of the other two repos trigger a build).

The builds are triggered are through GitHub webhooks. There are two webhooks sent from knative/docs that are configured to inidicate that they were sent from knative/website:

  • One that triggers a “production” build - Any PR that gets merged. (Webhook payload - /website main branch)
  • One that triggers a “preview” build - Any PR action other than a merge (ie. commit, comment, label, etc). (Webhook payload - /website staging branch)

All of our builds (and build logs) are shown here: (in the order of recent to past)

Keep knative/website ‘staging’ with ‘main’ in sync

Both branches are identical but all PRs get merged into main. They can drift apart since staging only builds the PR owners fork and branch. It’s best to keep in sync to avoid dealing with merge conflicts.

Two branches are used only to align with and use Netlify’s built-in continuous site deployment configuration:

main - triggered when any PR gets pushed into knative/docs staging - triggered for any event (other than ‘push’) in a PR

Assuming that you have a local fork of the knative/website staging branch:

  1. Copy main into staging, for example:

    • Merge:

      git checkout staging
      git pull upstream main
      git push origin staging
    • Hard reset and force push also works:

      git checkout staging
      git reset --hard upstream/main
      git push -f origin staging
  2. Open a PR and merge into knative/website staging

Check for and keep Hugo and Docsy up-to-date:

Other notes

Account info (include current owners):

  • Netlify

  • Google Domains

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search

Website infrastructure:

  • Hugo - static site engine
  • Netlify - continuous build
  • GitHub repos
    • knative/docs repo
    • knative/website repo
    • knative/community repo

Integration tests

  • Link checking

  • Whitespace lint


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