Creating a Kubebuilder project

We’ll use Kubebuilder to create a Kubebuilder project and provide common controller for your cluster and Kubernetes API. Check out the Kubebuilder book to learn more about Kubebuilder.

Create a git repo

Create a git repo locally in the proper GOPATH location. For the reference project, that’s $GOPATH/src/

cd $GOPATH/src/
git init sample-source

Create an empty initial commit.

git commit -m "Initial commit" --allow-empty

Create a Kubebuilder project

When in doubt, the Kubebuilder Quick Start docs are likely more current than these instructions.

Use the kubebuilder init command in the repo root directory to create the basic project structure.

You’ll need to choose the following:

  • A license. The reference project uses Apache 2.
  • A domain name. This is the unique domain used to identify your project’s resources. The reference project uses, but you should choose one unique to you or your organization.
  • An author name. This is the copyright owner listed in the copyright notice at the top of each source file. The reference project uses The Knative Authors.
kubebuilder init --domain --license apache2 --owner "The Knative Authors"

This command will ask if you want to run dep ensure. Choose yes to populate your project’s vendor directory.

The result of this command in the reference project can be viewed at

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