Writing an event source with Receive Adapter

This tutorial will walk you though writing a new event source for Knative Eventing using a sample repository and explaining the key concepts used throughout each component.

After completing the tutorial, you’ll have a basic event source controller as well as receive adapter, which events can be viewed through a basic event_display Knative Service.

Just want to see the code? The reference project is https://github.com/knative/sample-source.

Target Audience

The target audience is already familiar with Kubernetes and Go development and wants to develope a new event source, importing their custom events via Knative Eventing into the Knative system.

Before You Begin

You’ll need these tools installed:


  1. Separation of Concerns
  2. API Definition
  3. Controller
  4. Reconciler
  5. Receive Adapter
  6. Example YAML