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Creating a Mapping between a Custom Domain Name and a Knative Service (Alpha)

Knative Services are automatically given a default domain name based on the cluster configuration, e.g. “mysvc.mynamespace.mydomain”. You can also map a single custom domain name that you own to a specific Knative Service using the Domain Mapping feature, if enabled.

For example, if you own the “” domain name, and configure its DNS to reference your Knative cluster, you can use the DomainMapping feature to have this domain be served by a Knative Service.

Before you begin

  1. You need to enable the DomainMapping feature (and a supported Knative Ingress implementation) to use it. See the Install instructions.
  2. To map a custom domain to a Knative Service, you must first create a Knative Service.
  3. You will need a Domain Name to map, and the ability to change its DNS to point to your Knative Cluster. The details of this step are dependant on your domain registrar.

Creating a Domain Mapping

To create a mapping from a custom domain name that you control to a Knative Service, you need to create a YAML file that defines a Domain Mapping. This YAML file specifies the domain name to map and the Knative Service to use to service requests.

You will also need to point the domain name at your Knative cluster using the tools provided by your domain registrar.

Domain Mappings map a single, non-wildcard domain to a specific Knative Service. For example in the example yaml below, the “” Domain Mapping maps only “” and not “”. You can create multiple Domain Mappings to map multiple domains and subdomains.


  1. Create a new file named domainmapping.yaml containing the following information.
kind: DomainMapping
 namespace: default
   name: helloworld-go
   kind: Service
  • name(metadata): The domain name you wish to map to the Knative Service.
  • namespace: The namespace that both the DomainMapping and Knative Service use.
  • name(ref): The Knative Service which should be used to service requests for the custom domain name. You can also map to other targets as long as they conform to the Addressable contract and their resolved URL is of the form {name}.{namespace}.{clusterdomain} where {name} and {namespace} are the name and namespace of a Kubernetes service, and {clusterdomain} is the cluster domain. Objects conforming to this contract include Knative Services and Routes, and Kubernetes Services.
  1. From the directory where the new domainmapping.yaml file was created, deploy the domain mapping by applying the domainmapping.yaml file.
kubectl apply --filename domainmapping.yaml
  1. You will also need to point the “” domain name at the IP address of your Knative cluster. Details of this step differ depending on your domain registrar.