Installation files

This guide provides reference information about the YAML files in the Knative Serving and Eventing releases.

The YAML files in the releases include:

  • The custom resource definitions (CRDs) and core components required to install Knative.
  • Optional components that you can apply to customize your installation.

For information about installing these files, see Installing Serving using YAML files and Installing Eventing using YAML files.

Knative Serving installation files

The table below describes the installation files in the Knative Serving release:

File name Description Dependencies
serving-core.yaml Required: Knative Serving core components. serving-crds.yaml
serving-crds.yaml Required: Knative Serving core CRDs. none
serving-default-domain.yaml Configures Knative Serving to use as the default DNS suffix. serving-core.yaml
serving-domainmapping-crds.yaml CRDs used by the Domain Mapping feature. none
serving-domainmapping.yaml Components used by the Domain Mapping feature. serving-domainmapping-crds.yaml
serving-hpa.yaml Components to autoscale Knative revisions through the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler. serving-core.yaml
serving-nscert.yaml Components to provision TLS wildcard certificates. serving-core.yaml
serving-post-install-jobs.yaml Additional jobs after installing serving-core.yaml. Currently it is the same as serving-storage-version-migration.yaml. serving-core.yaml
serving-storage-version-migration.yaml Migrates the storage version of Knative resources, including Service, Route, Revision, and Configuration, from v1alpha1 and v1beta1 to v1. Required by upgrade from version 0.18 to 0.19. serving-core.yaml

Knative Eventing installation files

The table below describes the installation files in the Knative Eventing release:

File name Description Dependencies
eventing-core.yaml Required: Knative Eventing core components. eventing-crds.yaml
eventing-crds.yaml Required: Knative Eventing core CRDs. none
eventing-post-install.yaml Jobs required for upgrading to a new minor version. eventing-core.yaml, eventing-crds.yaml
eventing-sugar-controller.yaml Reconciler that watches for labels and annotations on certain resources to inject eventing components. eventing-core.yaml
eventing.yaml Combines eventing-core.yaml, mt-channel-broker.yaml, and in-memory-channel.yaml. none
in-memory-channel.yaml Components to configure In-Memory Channels. eventing-core.yaml
mt-channel-broker.yaml Components to configure Multi-Tenant (MT) Channel Broker. eventing-core.yaml