Knative Governance Framework

Knative Governance is broken into three components. At a high level, the Knative Steering Committee (KSC) is the “root” level governance body, but the Knative Trademark Committee (KTC) operates within a protected governance umbrella in parallel with the KSC. As such, the KSC may investigate and enforce Code of Conduct actions against members of the KTC, but may not alter the charter or governance of the KTC rules. The Tech Oversight Committee (TOC) operates entirely within the governance definitions delineated by the KSC.

Community and Operations

The Knative Steering Committee is responsible for the general health of the Knative community. Responsibilities include maintaining the governance framework, code of conduct, community meetings, communication platforms, and test resources.


The Knative Trademark Committee is responsible for management, licensing, and conformance verification of Knative logos, names, and trademarks, including the definition of what “Knative” is and the definition and rules for usage of derived marks.

Technology and Software Implementation

The Knative Technical Oversight Committee is responsible for the technical oversight, release process, and integration of the technology components of the Knative project. Most day-to-day work is delegated by the TOC to various subject-specific working groups.