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Posts in 2020

  • Version 0.17 release

    24.08.2020 in Releases

    Announcing Knative v0.17 Release A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components. Follow the instructions in the documentation Installing Knative for the respective component. Serving continues their journey with test and …

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  • Event-driven Image and BigQuery processing pipelines with Knative on Google Cloud

    19.06.2020 in Articles

    In this blog post, I will outline two event-driven processing pipelines that I recently built with Knative Eventing. Along the way, I will explain event sources, custom events and other components provided by Knative, that greatly simplify the …

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  • Knative welcomes new TOC members

    12.05.2020 in Steering Committee

    This week, the Knative project successfully held its first TOC elections. The event constituted a milestone for the project’s governance, with 70% of voter turnout: 83 of the most active contributors to the project, representing companies like IBM, …

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  • Bitcoin transaction data and Eventing

    01.05.2020 in Articles

    I’ve been exploring Knative Eventing, a system that enables a cloud native eventing ecosystem to be easily deployed through the use of event producers and event consumers. Most of the work on this demo has been done in version 0.11, and I have also …

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  • 2019 Annual Report

    03.02.2020 in Steering Committee

    We have created a 2019 Knative annual report for the community. The report can be viewed here. We just want to say thank you to all our community members for contributing and helping us grow our community. We definitely could not have done it without …

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Posts in 2019

  • Steering update 12/2019

    18.12.2019 in Steering Committee

    Early last week, the Knative Steering Committee met in person for an all-day working session to deliver on our promise to restructure project governance. While there was plenty of healthy debate, the result was consensus that all committee members …

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  • Knative at KubeCon’19 Europe

    13.05.2019 in Events

    There’s only a week until KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 kicks off in Barcelona, Spain. We wanted to share with you a few of the Knative talks you can attend at the conference to learn more about the Knative project, its progress in the …

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  • Version 0.5 release

    11.04.2019 in Releases

    Once again, we are excited to announce new release of Knative: a platform to help developers build, deploy, and manage modern serverless… Announcing Knative v0.5 Release Once again, we are excited to announce a new release of Knative: a …

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  • Knative v0.3 Autoscaling

    27.03.2019 in Articles

    Scaling in the Knative v0.3 release includes new options for customizing the autoscaling subsystem. From a batteries-included… Knative v0.3 Autoscaling — A Love Story Scaling in the Knative v0.3 release includes new options for customizing the …

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  • Version 0.4 release

    20.02.2019 in Releases

    Knative v0.4 release responds to ongoing and direct feedback from the growing number of deployments Announcing Knative v0.4 Release Once again, we are excited to announce updates to Knative. The v0.4 release continues to respond to ongoing …

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