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    Learn about each Knative release, what's new and changed, and how to get started with the latest and greatest.

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    Read about Knative-centric features, tools, and related topics.

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    Updates on Knative governance, technical direction, and the community.

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    Find out where the Knative team will be talking next, and where they've been.

Featured Posts

Knative joining the CNCF

Details on intention to join CNCF as incubating project.

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Welcome new members to Steering Committee

Details on the Steering Committee 2021 election results.

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Knative 1.0 is out!

Details on the 1.0 release of the Knative project.

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Highlighting the value of Knative for the c-suite

Deploy faster and more cost-effectively without hard-to-find, specialized expertise. Knative—building on Kubernetes—supports serverless code development and deployment. This allows your developers to focus on creating code and deploying resilient applications fast without having to become experts on Kubernetes...

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Distributed tracing with Knative, OpenTelemetry and Jaeger

When trying to understand and diagnose our systems, one of the most basic tools we learn to lean on is the stack trace. Stack traces give us a structured view of the flow of logic that our program is executing in order to help us wrap our heads ...

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