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Announcing Knative 1.13 Release

Published on: 2024-01-25

Announcing Knative 1.13 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components. Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


Release Notes: Knative Serving 1.13

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Http1 full duplex is now supported. Workloads need to be annotated with (#14568, @skonto)
  • Improved default-domain log output for Services with no LoadBalancer IP (#14788, @lou-lan)
  • Removed /tmp and /var/log from reserved paths (#14719, @jacksgt)
  • AppProtocol is now set to "" on Services when applicable (#14757 and #14809, @KauzClay)
  • Add Vegeta rates/targets to SLA in performance tests (#14429, @xiangpingjiang)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • If global defaults for revision-idle-timeout-seconds & revision-response-start-timeout-seconds are now applied when creating a Revision. (#14600, @skonto)
  • Deployment and ReplicaSet errors surface to the Knative Services status correctly (#14453, @gabo1208)


Release Notes: Knative Eventing 1.13

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • Use RFC-3339 compliant string encodings in filters for attributes of type time. (#7466, @Cali0707)

💫 New Features & Changes

  • PingSource schedule supports optional seconds field (#7394, @SiBell)
  • Trust-manager integration (#7532, @pierDipi)
  • Allow configuring whether to allow cross namespaces Brokers configuration using the config-br-defaults ConfigMap. (#7455, @pierDipi)
  • Expose the Sequence OIDC service account name in the Sequence .status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7361, @rahulii)
  • Introduce EventTypes v1beta3 version (#7304, @matzew)
  • EventType V1Beta2 deprecation (#7454, @matzew)
  • Provide OIDC token in SinkBinding under /oidc/token path. (#7444, @creydr)
  • Channel dispatcher authenticates requests with OIDC (#7445, @Cali0707)
  • Authenticate Requests from ApiServerSource (#7452, @Leo6Leo)
  • Use underlying input channels audience as sequence audience (#7387, @md-saif-husain)

🐞 Bug Fixes


Release Notes: Knative Client 1.13

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Added support for the --profile flag, which will add the related annotations and labels to the service. (#1903, @sharmaansh21)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Fix version string of Kafka resources in examples (#1886, @MeenuyD)


Release Notes: Knative func 1.13


  • Log if image is referenced by tag in s2i builder. (#2090, @AdamKorcz)
  • Adding local field to function for handling transient spec (Local.Remote) (#2121, @vyasgun)

Bug or Regression


  • Kn func subscribe will allow you to create Knative Eventing Triggers for improved event processing for kn func (#2001, @matzew)
  • Adding simple Podman insecure registry support (#2060, @matzew)
  • Using $CONTAINER_ENGINE variable instead of hard-coded docker (#2066, @matzew)
  • Smooth syntax and pass only in the filters not the entire config (#2115, @matzew)
  • Don't duplicate subscriptions (#2116, @matzew)
  • Testing two sources(brokers) and third invocation for an override on the first (#2118, @matzew)
  • Invoke instanced CE function's handle withNew() (#2119, @matzew)
  • Springboot bumps (#2126, @matzew)
  • Bump for GO-GIT 5.11 (#2130, @matzew)


Release Notes: Knative Operator 1.13

Only dependency update

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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