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Announcing: Knative 1.0

Published on: 2021-10-14 ,  Revised on: 2024-01-17

Announcing: Knative 1.0

After more than 3 years of active development, with many commercial adopters, we are pleased to announce the release of Knative 1.0 on Nov. 2, 2021. Thanks to the over 600 contributors to Knative for helping us reach this milestone!

During the last several years, Knative has overcome many initial limitations to become the most widely-installed serverless layer on Kubernetes. There were some challenges in figuring out what the bar for “1.0” was, as many components have been production-ready and battle-tested for quite some time now.

We believe this milestone brings Knative a big step closer to achieving our mission of simplifying the developer’s experience on Kubernetes and empowering teams to focus on what’s important.

This is what will happen on Nov. 2, 2021:

  • All the repositories covered in "the release train" will have a 1.0- release.
  • The core components (Serving, Eventing) will be general available (GA); extension components (serving/eventing features, net-* plugins, channel/broker, sources) will either be in Alpha, Beta, or GA state.. Their respective maturity level will be published on their or documentation pages.

More details will be published on November 2, stay tuned!

Thank you, Knative Contributors

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