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Announcing Knative 1.14 Release

Published on: 2024-05-03

Announcing Knative 1.14 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components. Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


Release Notes: Knative Serving 1.14

💫 New Features & Changes

  • A new feature (multi-container-probing) is introduced to enable liveness and readiness probes for Knative Services with multiple containers (#14853, @ReToCode)
  • Add support for multiple wildcard certificate domains in domain config (#14543, @arsenetar)
  • Certificate generation errors are bubbled up to its parent Route. (#14962, @ckcd)
  • Check all container's status when calculating revision ContainerHealthy condition (#14744, @seongpyoHong)
  • Serving now supports the experimental feature cluster-local-domain-tls and creates the necessary KnativeCertificates (#14610, @ReToCode)
  • The autoscaler now keeps the desiredScale of a PodAutoscaler at its current value while it initializes and therefore has not yet metrics (#14866, @SaschaSchwarze0)
  • Don't drop traffic when upgrading a deployment fails (#14795, @dprotaso)
  • Add upstream TLS trust from CM bundles (#14717, @ReToCode)
  • Make route domain error specific (#15082, @skonto)


Release Notes: Knative Eventing 1.14

💫 New Features & Changes

  • EventType Autocreate is now a non blocking operation (#7709, @Cali0707)
  • EventTypes are now autocreated on Triggers and Subscriptions when there is a reply event sent to them (#7733, @Cali0707)
  • Added the ability to configure a nodeSelector when deploying an ApiServerSource (#7584, @sadath-12)
  • Replace YAML merge tags, to comply with YAML 1.2 (#7662, @converge)
  • StatefulSet scheduling now makes fewer API server requests, reducing APIServer load. (#7651, @Cali0707)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Reduce the scope for the Config validation webhook to only the knative-eventing namespace. (#7792, @pierDipi)


Release Notes: Knative Client 1.14

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Add completion support for fish and PowerShell shells (#1929, @tuhtah)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix client-pkg import paths (#1931, @dsimansk)
  • Fix wait-loop in domain E2E test (#1919, @dsimansk)


Release Notes: Knative func 1.14

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Functions built with the experimental "Host" builder include FUNC_CREATED and FUNC_VERSION metadata environment variables. (#2195, @lkingland)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Func invoke now correctly handles data with contenttype application/json (#2256, @Cali0707)
  • Fix: "no main packages to build" on darwin/aarch64 (#2148, @matejvasek)
  • Func deploy --username=func --*** get password (#2242, @lkingland)
  • The prototype host builder now supports nonregular files such as symlinks (#2156, @lkingland)
  • Fix typo in run cmd (#2168, @Sanket-0510)
  • Update docs (#2169, @matzew)
  • Bump go-func to v0.20.0 (#2170, @matzew)
  • Remove discontinued tanzu builder image (#2178, @matzew)
  • Using upstream lifecycle image that has multi-arch support (#2196, @matzew)
  • Fix make was not called (#2245, @matzew)
  • Usage of only proper handler API, no longer need for redundant Context (#2249, @matzew)


Release Notes: Knative Operator 1.14

Only dependency update

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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