Welcome to Knative

The Knative project provides a set of Kubernetes components that introduce event-driven and serverless capabilities for Kubernetes clusters.

Knative APIs build on existing Kubernetes APIs, so that Knative resources are compatible with other Kubernetes-native resources, and can be managed by cluster administrators using existing Kubernetes tools.

Common languages and frameworks that include Kubernetes-friendly tooling work smoothly with Knative to reduce the time spent solving common deployment issues, such as:

There are two core Knative components that can be installed and used together or independently to provide different functions:

  • Knative Serving: Easily manage stateless services on Kubernetes by reducing the developer effort required for autoscaling, networking, and rollouts.

  • Knative Eventing: Easily route events between on-cluster and off-cluster components by exposing event routing as configuration rather than embedded in code.

These components are delivered as Kubernetes custom resource definitions (CRDs), which can be configured by a cluster administrator to provide default settings for developer-created applications and event workflow components.

Note: Earlier versions of Knative included a build component. That component has since evolved into the separate Tekton Pipelines project.

Getting started

Configuration and networking

Samples and demos