Knative is an Open-Source Enterprise-level
solution to build Serverless and Event Driven Applications

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Learn about how Knative works with Kubernetes and the underlying ideas behind containers
and serverless infrastructure.

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Why serverless containers?

Serverless refers to running back-end programs and processes in the cloud. Serverless works on an as-used basis, meaning that companies only use what they pay for. Knative is a platform-agnostic solution for running serverless deployments.

Simpler Abstractions

Simplify your YAML with our custom CRDs


Scale down to zero and up from zero

Progressive Rollouts

Choose your rollout strategy depending on your needs

Event Integrations

Handle events from many sources

Handle Events

Trigger handlers from the event broker


Kubernetes native to be integrated and extended

Knative Components

Knative has two main components that empower teams working with Kubernetes. Serving and
Eventing work together to automate and manage tasks and applications.

Run serverless containers in Kubernetes with ease. Knative takes care of the details of networking, autoscaling (even to zero), and revision tracking. Teams can focus on core logic using any programming language.

Universal subscription, delivery and management of events. Build modern apps by attaching compute to a data stream with declarative event connectivity and developer friendly object models.

Trying it all together

Developers focus on code

From container to URL
with less YAML config

Scale up and down

Scale down to zero
based on traffic patterns

Cloud agnostic

Control traffic shifting
for smoother rollouts

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Knative is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation incubation project

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