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Knative Eventing installation files

This guide provides reference information about the core Knative Eventing YAML files, including:

  • The custom resource definitions (CRDs) and core components required to install Knative Eventing.
  • Optional components that you can apply to customize your installation.

For information about installing these files, see Installing Knative Eventing using YAML files.

The following table describes the installation files included in Knative Eventing:

File name Description Dependencies
eventing-core.yaml Required: Knative Eventing core components. eventing-crds.yaml
eventing-crds.yaml Required: Knative Eventing core CRDs. none
eventing-post-install.yaml Jobs required for upgrading to a new minor version. eventing-core.yaml, eventing-crds.yaml
eventing.yaml Combines eventing-core.yaml, mt-channel-broker.yaml, and in-memory-channel.yaml. none
in-memory-channel.yaml Components to configure In-Memory Channels. eventing-core.yaml
mt-channel-broker.yaml Components to configure Multi-Tenant (MT) Channel Broker. eventing-core.yaml

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