Knative Eventing channels

<!– This is a generated file and should not be changed manually. All changes should follow the procedure:

  1. Update the information in channels.yaml.

  2. Run the generator tool:

    go run eventing/channels/generator/main.go


    Channels are Kubernetes Custom Resources which define a single event forwarding and persistence layer. Messaging implementations may provide implementations of Channels via the ClusterChannelProvisioner object, supporting different technologies, such as Apache Kafka or NATS Streaming.

    This is a non-exhaustive list of Channels for Knative.

    Inclusion in this list is not an endorsement, nor does it imply any level of support.


    These are the channels CRDs.

    Name Status Support Description
    Apache Kafka Proof of Concept None Channels are backed by Apache Kafka topics.
    GCP PubSub Proof of Concept None Channels are backed by GCP PubSub.
    In-Memory Proof of Concept None In-memory channels are a best effort Channel. They should NOT be used in Production. They are useful for development.
    Natss Proof of Concept None Channels are backed by NATS Streaming.