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Deploying functions

Deploying a function creates an OCI container image for your function, and pushes this container image to your image registry. The function is deployed to the cluster as a Knative Service. Redeploying a function updates the container image and resulting Service that is running on your cluster. Functions that have been deployed to a cluster are accessible on the cluster just like any other Knative Service.


  • You have a Docker daemon on your local machine. This is already provided if you have used the Quickstart installation.

  • You have access to a container registry and are able to push images to this registry. Note that some image registries set newly pushed images to private by default. If you are deploying a function for the first time, you may need to ensure that your images are set to public.


The deploy command uses the function project name as the Knative Service name. When the function is built, the project name and the image registry name are used to construct a fully qualified image name for the function.

Deploy the function by running the command inside the project directory:

func deploy --registry <registry>

Deploy the function by running the command inside the project directory:

kn func deploy --registry <registry>

Expected output

    🙌 Function image built: <registry>/hello:latest
     Function deployed in namespace "default" and exposed at URL:

You can verify that your function has been successfully deployed by using the invoke command and observing the output:

func invoke
kn func invoke

Expected output

Received response
  User-Agent: Go-http-client/1.1
  Content-Length: 25
  Accept-Encoding: gzip
  Content-Type: application/json
  K-Proxy-Request: activator
  X-Request-Id: 9e351834-0542-4f32-9928-3a5d6aece30c
  Forwarded: for=;proto=http
  X-Forwarded-Proto: http

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