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Available Broker types

The following broker types are available for use with Knative Eventing.

Multi-tenant channel-based broker

Knative Eventing provides a multi-tenant (MT) channel-based broker implementation that uses channels for event routing.

Before you can use the MT channel-based broker, you must install a channel implementation.

Alternative broker implementations

In the Knative Eventing ecosystem, alternative broker implementations are welcome as long as they respect the broker specifications.

The following is a list of brokers provided by the community or vendors:

GCP broker

The GCP broker is optimized for running in GCP. For more details, refer to the documentation.

Apache Kafka broker

For more information, see Apache Kafka Broker.

RabbitMQ broker

The RabbitMQ Broker uses RabbitMQ for its underlying implementation. For more information, see RabbitMQ Broker or the docs available on GitHub.

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