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Knative Offerings

Knative has a rich community with many vendors participating, and many of those vendors offer commercial Knative products. Please check with each of these vendors for what is or is not supported.

Here is a list of commercial Knative products (alphabetically):

  • Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu: A serverless application runtime for Kubernetes that is based on Knative, and runs on a single Kubernetes cluster
  • Gardener: Install Knative in Gardener's vanilla Kubernetes clusters to add an extra layer of serverless runtime.
  • Google Cloud Run for Anthos: Extend Google Kubernetes Engine with a flexible serverless development platform. With Cloud Run for Anthos, you get the operational flexibility of Kubernetes with the developer experience of serverless, allowing you to deploy and manage Knative-based services on your own cluster, and trigger them with events from Google, 3rd-party sources, and your own applications.
  • Google Cloud Run: A fully-managed Knative-based serverless platform. With no Kubernetes cluster to manage, Cloud Run lets you go from container to production in seconds.
  • IBM Cloud Code Engine: A fully-managed serverless platform that runs all your containerized workloads, including http-driven application, batch jobs or event-driven functions.
  • Nutanix Karbon: Extend Nutanix Karbon with serverless capabilities by installing Knative on a Karbon managed Kubernetes cluster.
  • Red Hat Openshift Serverless: enables stateful, stateless, and serverless workloads to all run on a single multi-cloud container platform with automated operations. Developers can use a single platform for hosting their microservices, legacy, and serverless applications.
  • TriggerMesh: On-premises and fully-managed Knative and event-driven integration platform. With support for AWS, Azure, Google, and many more cloud and enterprise event sources and brokers. Commercial Knative support and professional services available.

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