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Installing cert-manager for TLS certificates

Install the Cert-Manager tool to obtain TLS certificates that you can use for secure HTTPS connections in Knative. For more information about enabling HTTPS connections in Knative, see Using custom certificates in networking-layer.

You can use cert-manager to either manually obtain certificates, or to enable Knative for automatic certificate provisioning. Complete instructions about this are provided in Enabling automatic TLS certificate provisioning.

Regardless of if your want to manually obtain certificates, or configure Knative for automatic provisioning, you can use the following steps to install cert-manager.

Before you begin

You must meet the following requirements to install cert-manager for Knative:

  • Knative Serving must be installed. For details about installing the Serving component, see the Knative installation guide.
  • You must configure your Knative cluster to use a custom domain.
  • Knative currently supports cert-manager version 1.0.0 and higher.

Downloading and installing cert-manager

To download and install cert-manager, follow the Installation steps from the official cert-manager website.

Completing the Knative configuration for TLS support

Before you can use a TLS certificate for secure connections, you must finish configuring Knative:

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