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Configuring a custom certificate class for a Service

When external-domain-tls is enabled and Knative Services are created, a certificate class (certificate-class) is automatically chosen based on the value in the config-network ConfigMap located inside the knative-serving namespace. This ConfigMap is part of Knative Serving installation. If the certificate class is not specified, this defaults to After certificate-class is configured, it is used for all Knative Services unless it is overridden with a certificate-class annotation.

Using the certificate class annotation

Generally it is recommended for Knative Services to use the default certificate-class. However, in scenarios where there are multiple certificate providers, you might want to specify different certificate class annotations for each Service.

You can configure each Service to use a different certificate class by specifying the annotation.

To add a certificate class annotation to a Service, run the following command:

kubectl annotate kservice <service-name><certificate-provider>

  • <service-name> is the name of the Service that you are applying the annotation to.
  • <certificate-provider> is the type of certificate provider that is used as the certificate class for the Service.

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