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Creating a Service

You can create a Knative service by applying a YAML file or using the kn service create CLI command.


To create a Knative service, you will need:



The following commands create a helloworld-go sample service. You can modify these commands, including the container image URL, to deploy your own application as a Knative service.

Create a sample service:

  1. Create a YAML file using the following example:

    kind: Service
      name: helloworld-go
      namespace: default
            - image:
                - name: TARGET
                  value: "Go Sample v1"
  2. Apply the YAML file by running the command:

    kubectl apply -f <filename>.yaml
    Where <filename> is the name of the file you created in the previous step.

kn service create helloworld-go --image

After the service has been created, Knative performs the following tasks:

  • Creates a new immutable revision for this version of the app.
  • Performs network programming to create a route, ingress, service, and load balancer for your app.
  • Automatically scales your pods up and down based on traffic, including to zero active pods.

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