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Configure event source defaults

This topic describes how to configure defaults for Knative event sources. You can configure event sources depending on how they generate events.

Configure defaults for PingSource

PingSource is an event source that produces events with a fixed payload on a specified cron schedule. For how to create a new PingSource, see Creating a PingSource object. For the available parameters, see PingSource reference.

In addition to the parameters that you can configure in the PingSource resource, there is a global ConfigMap called config-ping-defaults. This ConfigMap allows you to change the maximum amount of data that the PingSource adds to the CloudEvents it produces.

The data-max-size parameter allows you to set the maximum number of bytes allowed to be sent for a message excluding any base64 decoding. The default value, -1, sets no limit for data.

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: config-ping-defaults
  namespace: knative-eventing
  data-max-size: -1

You can edit this ConfigMap by running the command:

kubectl edit cm config-ping-defaults -n knative-eventing

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