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Configure Sugar Controller

This topic describes how to configure the Sugar Controller. You can configure the Sugar controller to create a Broker when a Namespace or Trigger is created with configured labels. See Knative Eventing Sugar Controller for an example.

The default config-sugar ConfigMap disables Sugar Controller, by setting namespace-selector and trigger-selector to an empty string.

To enable the Sugar Controller

  • for Namespaces, the LabelSelector namespace-selector can be configured.
  • for Triggers, the LabelSelector trigger-selector can be configured.

Sample configuration to enable Sugar Controller on selected Namespaces and Triggers

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
name: config-sugar
namespace: knative-eventing
labels: devel
  namespace-selector: |
    - key: ""
      operator: "In"
      values: ["enabled"]

  trigger-selector: |
    - key: ""
      operator: "In"
      values: ["enabled"]

The Sugar Controller will only operate on Namespaces or Triggers with the label enabled. This also emulates the legacy Sugar Controller behavior for Namespaces.

You can edit this ConfigMap by running the command:

kubectl edit cm config-sugar -n knative-eventing

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