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Announcing Knative 1.9 Release ΒΆ

Published on: 2023-01-28 ,  Revised on: 2023-06-01

Announcing Knative 1.9 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components.

Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


Release Notes

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • Knative will now warn (but not error) when creating or updating a PodSpec where containers have additional privilege due to unset SecurityContext values. Explicitly setting these values to any setting, including high-privilege ones, will disable this warning.

These fields are: - runAsNonRoot (empty means false) - allowPrivilegeEscalation (empty means true) - seccompProfile.type (empty string means Unconfined) - capabilities.drop (default maintains privileges, use ALL to drop unneeded linux capabilities) (#13399, @evankanderson) - All Serving container images are signed with cosign (@upodroid).

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Net-contour respects the internal-encryption Knative configuration, and encrypts traffic from Contour controlled Envoy to Activator. Requires Contour 1.24.0 or greater (#819, @KauzClay)
  • Adds the secure-pod-defaults feature, which is defaulted to Disabled in this release. When enabled, containers described by users will have best-practice SecurityContext features enabled unless insecure settings are specifically requested. (#13398, @evankanderson)
  • Work around for cert-manager not allowing us to create certs for 64+ bytes name ksvc (#13569, @KauzClay and @dprotaso)
  • Autoscaler now runs a single leader election go routine (#13585, @dprotaso)

Small Improvements

  • Add app label to Service selector for webhook and domainmapping-webhook. (#13265, @a7i)
  • Upgrade tests now stream logs from user and system namespace. The logs are printed on failure. (#13587, @mgencur)
  • net-kourier deployments now have Prometheus scraping annotations (#978, @evankanderson)
  • net-kourier deployments now have resource requests and limits

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to Pod or Revision-level defaults during Knative upgrades will no longer be attempted (and failed) when supplying your own Revision name. (#13565, @evankanderson)
  • net-contour would erroneously redirect cluster-local endpoints to HTTPS URLs when AutoTLS was enabled and default-tls-secret was set. (#856, @jsanin-vmw)
  • Improved truncation of long generated names, which would sometimes produce invalid kubernetes resource names. (#847, @KauzClay)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • πŸ“„ ApiServerSource can specify a selector to target one or more namespaces. If the selector is missing, it will default to targeting the namespace in which the source resides (#6665, @gab-satchi)
  • All Eventing container images are signed with cosign (@upodroid).

Bug fixes

  • πŸ› Fixes an issue where creating a Trigger before a RabbitMQ Broker could create an invalid Trigger. (#1018, @gab-satchi)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • quickstart plugin will now create a local registry. (#376, @ehudyonasi)
  • All Client container images are signed with cosign (@upodroid).

Small improvements

  • Updates the quickstart version of Kubernetes to v1.25.3. Also updates the recommended versions of kind and minikube to 0.16 and 1.28, respectively. (#368, @psschwei)
  • quickstart will exit quickly if Knative namespace already exist in cluster. (#379, @ehudyonasi)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • The springboot function templates have been updated to use Spring Boot 3.0 and the new Spring 6.0 AOT support. Note: this requires Java 17 when building locally. (#1509, @trisberg)
  • Node.js and TypeScript functions now support ESM modules (#1468, @lance)

Small Improvements

  • Updated springboot function templates to use Spring Boot version 2.7.7 (#1502, @trisberg)

Bug or Regression

  • Fix: envvar parsing for pack tekton task when envvar contains the = char (#1512, @matejvasek)
  • Fixes a bug preventing autoscaling options from being applied (#1482, @zroubalik)
  • Fixes a bug where --path was sometimes not evaluated. (#1519, @lkingland)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Fixes an issue for developers where code in the test package would not be fully supported by some IDEs (#1503, @lkingland)
  • Update the error message when neither the --registry flag nor the FUNC_REGISTRY environment variable are set (#1510, @lance)


Release Notes

  • Security-Guard version 0.4 can now be installed using the Knative Operator. This new release of Security-Guard also includes TLS+Token support to secure internal communications between Security-Guard components (#1301, @houshengbo)
  • All Operator container images are signed with cosign (@upodroid).

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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