v0.24 release

Published on: 2021-07-08 ,  Revised on: 2023-08-03

Announcing Knative v0.24 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components.

Follow the instructions in the documentation Installing Knative for the respective component.

Table of Contents


Serving v0.24

🚨 Breaking or Notable Changes

  • Renaming of some net-* components Related issue: knative/networking#448

    As part of our efforts to GA/1.0 we've standardized on the naming of our networking plugins that are installed alongside Serving. If you're managing your Knative deployment manually with kubectl this will require a two-phase upgrade process. See the below sections:

    • Upgrade of net-http01 to v0.24.0

      # Apply the new release
      $ kubectl apply -f net-http01.yaml
      # Once the deployment is ready delete the old resources
      $ kubectl delete deployment http01-controller -n knative-serving
      $ kubectl delete service challenger -n knative-serving
    • Upgrade of net-certmanager to v0.24.0

      # Apply the new release
      $ kubectl apply -f net-certmanager.yaml
      # Once the deployment is ready apply the same file but
      # prune the old resources
      $ kubectl apply -f net-certmanager.yaml \
        --prune -l networking.knative.dev/certificate-provider=cert-manager
    • Upgrade net-istio to v0.24.0

      # Apply the new release
      $ kubectl apply -f net-istio.yaml
      # Once the deployment is ready apply the same file but
      # prune the old resources
      $ kubectl apply -f net-istio.yaml \
        --prune -l networking.knative.dev/ingress-provider=istio
    • Upgrade of net-contour to v0.24.0

      # Apply the new release
      $ kubectl apply -f net-contour.yaml
      # Once the deployment is ready apply the same file but
      # prune the old resources
      $ kubectl apply -f net-contour.yaml \
        --prune -l networking.knative.dev/ingress-provider=contour
    • Upgrade of net-kourier to v0.24.0. At this point we've deferred the renaming to net-kourier until the next release. We're looking to ensure there is no traffic disruption as part of the upgrade. Therefore upgrading to v0.24.0 requires no special instructions.

  • Kubernetes 1.19 is now required

    As part of our Kubernetes Minimum Version Principle we now have a hard requirement on Kubernetes Version 1.19.

  • Webhook/Controller RBAC changes

    The recommended way to delete a Knative installation is to run kubectl delete -f serving-core.yaml and other release YAMLs you might have applied. There's been a misconception that deleting the knative-serving namespace performs a similar cleanup but this does not remove cluster-scoped resources. In prior releases the cluster state would have prevented the reinstall of Knative Serving. We've addressed this problem, but it requires some RBAC permissions on namespaces and finalizers.

    See the relevant issues and PRs below:

  • DomainMapping feature is now BETA

    This means it is built into the main serving-core YAML by default. It is still possible to opt out of the feature by setting replica count of the domainmapping-controller to zero.

    As part of this transition the default value for autocreateClusterDomainClaims in the config-network config map was changed to false, meaning cluster-wide permissions are required to delegate the ability to create particular DomainMappings to namespaces. Single tenant clusters may wish to allow arbitrary users to create Domain Mappings by changing this value back to true. (#11573)

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Allow dropping capabilities from a container's security context (#11344)
  • DomainMapping can now specify a TLS secret to be used as the HTTPS certificate (#11250)
  • Provides a feature gate that, when enabled, allows adding capabilities from a container's security context (#11410)
  • defaultExternalScheme can now be used for default routes to surface a URL scheme of your choice rather than the default "http". (#11480)
  • Optimized generated routes to minimize Envoy configuration size (net-istio#632)
  • Rename Contour's ClusterRole and ClusterRoleBinding to differ from existing contour installation (net-contour#500)
  • Add a new ConfigMap config-kourier, with the initial enable-service-access-logging setting (net-kourier#523)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where traffic was briefly routed 'wrong', leading to errors due to exceeded queues in deployments with a large activator count and a low service Pod count. (#11375)
  • Traffic status in Route is updated whenever traffic configuration was wrong. (#11477)
  • Validates, consistently with other configmaps, that the _example section of the features ConfigMap is not accidentally modified. (#11391)

Eventing v0.24

🚨 Breaking or Notable Changes

  • You must run the storage migration tool after the upgrade to migrate from v1beta2 to v1 pingsources.sources.knative.dev resources. (#5381)

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

We're glad to announce that we have introduced a new process to test and develop new features, called the experimental features process.

Thanks to this process, you are able to try out the new amazing features and provide feedback to the project!

We're introducing two experimental features to begin with:

  • kreference-group: When using ref, refer to resources using only the API Group, and not the full API Version.
  • delivery-timeout: When using the delivery, define per request timeout.

You can read more about how to enable these features and their usage in the experimental feature documentation.

  • KReference.Group now can be used in Subscription.Spec.Channel as well (#5520)
  • Added DeliverySpec.Timeout (#5149)
  • Added the experimental feature kreference-group. By enabling it, you can use Subscriber.Ref.Group instead of Subscriber.Ref.APIVersion to refer to another Resource, without being explicit about the resource version (for example, v1beta1, v1, ...) (#5440)
  • Remaining HA Control Plane Pods (through the operator) are now labeled with podAntiAffinity to ensure there isn't a single point of failure. (#5409)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a race condition with apiserversources reported ready before they have begun listening for events (#5446)
  • Imc-controller cluster role now has update permission for namespaces/finalizers. (#5539)
  • Knative-eventing-webhook cluster role has update permission for namespaces/finalizers. (#5501)

🧹 Clean up

  • Subscription.Spec.Channel now uses KReference and the spec.channel CRD schema is less permissive and matches the supported usage of KReference fields. Subscription's users creating their resources with YAMLs are not affected. (#5412)
  • The PingSource adapter now generates a normal event instead of a warning when the source is not ready. Rename the event to PingSourceSkipped.
    • The PingSource adapter now generates the normal event PingSourceSynchronized when it has been synchronized. (#5549)

Eventing Extensions

Apache Kafka Broker v0.24

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add some details in the existing Subscriber resolved condition about the delivery order. #912
  • Receiver deployment uses all available CPUs. #985
  • Now you can specify both in Broker and Trigger delivery specs the new timeout field, as part of the experimental feature delivery-timeout. For more information, see Experimental features. #1034
  • Updates Go to v1.16 #886
  • Updates protobuf to v3.17.x #946
  • Updates vert.x to v4.1 #900

RabbitMQ Eventing v0.24

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add validating webhook that checks RabbitMQBroker class brokers for valid [secret, rabbitmqcluster] configurations. (#324)
  • Provide an option for install that does not have dependency on rabbitmq cluster operator or messaging-topology-operator. That allows you to bring your own rabbitmq broker. (#309)
  • Add installation instructions for two kinds of brokers. (#315)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix Standalone Broker to support Trigger DeadLetterSink properly. (#341)
  • Fix per trigger DeadLetterSink support. (#337)
  • Fix issue #320: Fix incorrect links to both nightly and to-be-released standalone broker. (#325)
  • Remove unnecessary keda permissions since that functionality was moved to https://github.com/knative-extensions/eventing-autoscaler-keda (#319)
  • Use better names for all RabbitMQ resources. Both k8s resources as well as RabbitMQ resources for standalone Broker. (#344)

Client v0.24

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Prettify printing of webhook warnings #1353
  • Update Kubernetes dependencies to v0.20.7 #1344
  • Increase code coverage for Sources #1343
  • Make e2e test run over other networks #1339
  • Add --env-value-from flag and keep order of env vars as provided #1328

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fix Subscription's Channel to use KRefence type #1326

Operator v0.24

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add the manifests of the Eventing sources #641
  • Change the APIs for Eventing sources #613
  • Add the logic to install sources #645
  • Drop use of pkg/test.KubeClient #655
  • Install the webhooks after installing the deployments and services #674

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Improve fetcher by supporting version parameter #613
  • Add a 20-second timeout before running the post-upgrade tests #623
  • Add $KO_FLAGS to e2e test #649
  • Make e2e test run over other networks #650
  • Allow to set NodeSelector through spec.deployments.nodeSelector #658
  • Gracefully handle net-* deployment rename #669

Thank you, contributors

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