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Announcing Knative 1.12 Release

Published on: 2023-10-30 ,  Revised on: 2023-11-22

Announcing Knative 1.12 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components.

Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


Release Notes

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • net-http01 component has been deprecated (see:
  • Label the webhook service with "app: webhook" label (#14258, @JordanDeBeer)
  • auto-tls is now named external-domain-tls (#14472, @ReToCode)
  • internal-encryption is now named system-internal-tls (#14472, @ReToCode)
  • cluster-local-domain-tls is introduced as a new alpha state flag to control TLS certificates for cluster-local domains (#14472, @ReToCode)
  • Traffic from Ingress to Activator/QP uses TLS 1.3 when system-internal-tls is enabled. (#14074, @nak3)
  • Validating webhook will now allow adding the NET_BIND_SERVICE or nil capabilities when secure pods defaults feature is enabled (#14445, @kauana)

💫 New Features & Changes

  • Allow shareProcessNamespace to be set for a Knative Service (feature flag: kubernetes.podspec-shareprocessnamespace). Disabled by default. (#14454, @rhuss)
  • Internal encryption verifies a new SAN kn-user-<ns>. (#14452, @nak3)
  • ReadinessProbe with path contains a query string is supported now. (#14273, @nak3)
  • Support gRPC probe. (#14134, @seongpyoHong)
  • When system-internal-tls is enabled, queue-proxy mounts the certificate secret as projected-volume and automatically reloads the certificates on change. (#14189, @ReToCode)

🐞Bug Fixes

  • Activator correctly propagates pod health when triggered by changes other than pod probes. (#14347, @arsenetar)
  • Activator no longer cancels all probes when one fails (#14303, @arsenetar)
  • Applied an upper bound to the statistics data read from the queue-proxy by the autoscaler. (#14523, @evankanderson)
  • Certificate generation errors are bubbled up to its parent Route. (#14496, @gabo1208)
  • Fix secure 'secure-pod-defaults' to work with restricted namespaces (#14363, @KauzClay)


Release Notes

New Features

  • The filters field in Triggers is now beta and enabled by default
    • New Event Filters are now only created once, rather than on each event (#7213, @Cali0707)
    • The Any filter now dynamically optimizes the order of nested filters for optimal performance. (#7205, @Cali0707)
    • The all filter now dynamically optimizes its ordering to improve performance (#7300, @Cali0707)
    • The exact filter now uses less memory and is faster! (#7311, @Cali0707)
    • The prefix filter just got a whole lot faster! (#7309, @Cali0707)
    • The suffix filter is now faster! (#7312, @Cali0707)
  • OIDC authentication feature
    • Add Audience field in CRDs (#7244, @xiangpingjiang)
    • Expose OIDC audience of a Broker in its status (#7237, @creydr)
    • Expose OIDC audience of an InMemoryChannel in its status (#7371, @creydr)
    • Expose the APIServerSource OIDC service account name in the APIServerSource .status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7330, @Leo6Leo)
    • Expose the PingSource OIDC service account name in the PingSource .status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7344, @Leo6Leo)
    • Expose the SinkBinding OIDC service account name in the SinkBinding .status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7327, @rahulii)
    • Expose the SubscriptionsOIDC service account name in the Subscriptions.status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7338, @xiangpingjiang)
    • Expose the Triggers OIDC service account name in the Triggers .status.auth.serviceAccountName (#7299, @creydr)
    • Mt-broker-ingress: verify the audience of the received JWT if OIDC authentication is enabled (#7336, @creydr)
    • OIDC tokens are now cached to improve performance. (#7335, @Cali0707)
  • It is now possible to specify a subset of features in config-features without overriding default values (#7379, @pierDipi)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix unique name generator for auto-created EventType (#7160, @dsimansk)
  • Correctly handle networking errors when ApiServerSource adapter can't retrieve resources when starts. (#7279, @pierDipi)
  • Event Types are now only created once when using a MTChannelBasedBroker. (#7161, @Cali0707)
  • Set cluster domain suffix in TLS records correctly. (#7145, @creydr)
  • 🐛 Memory leak in the not filter was fixed. (#7310, @Cali0707)
  • 🐛 The filters field now only overrides the filter field on a trigger if there are filters in the filters field. (#7286, @Cali0707)
  • Fixed bug where eventtypes for builtin sources were created and deleted in a loop (#7245, @Cali0707)
  • Fix of the rule aggregation of the knative-eventing-namespaced-edit role to only give view permissions on knative eventing resources. (#7124, @creydr)
  • Update go x/net dependency to help mitigate CVE-2023-44487 (#7348, @Cali0707)


Release Notes

Breaking or Notable

  • 🐣 Upgrade deprecated v1alpha1 DomainMapping API to v1beta1 (#1856, @xiangpingjiang)

New Features

  • Context Sharing POC (#1855, @dsimansk)

Bug or Regression

  • Remove unusable --broker flag from trigger update cmd (#1847, @dsimansk)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Fix shellcheck warnings in hack/ script (#1860, @xiangpingjiang)
  • Remove deprecated --inject-broker flag from kn trigger cmd group (#1853, @xiangpingjiang)
  • Update core cli dependencies (#1851, @dsimansk)


Release Notes

Bug or Regression

  • Fix: parsing of registries with more complex hierarchy (sub-paths) (#1929, @matejvasek)
  • Fix: version semantic (#1933, @lkingland)

Other (Cleanup or Flake)

  • Chore: Update client-go dependency to aligned version (#1957, @dsimansk)
  • Fix: OnCluster builds of Golang functions (#1445, @Shashankft9)


  • Chore: using nodejs-16-minimal instead of nodejs-16 as default builder for JS/TS (#2015, @matejvasek)
  • Chore: Use custom jammy paketo builder (#1911, @matejvasek)
  • Chore: update maven profile buildEnv in springboot templates (#2014, @trisberg)


Release Notes


  • Add more env vars for pingsource adapter env var preservation to prevent the eventing-controller and the operator fighting to set env var values. (#1534, @aliok)
  • Added http-port and https-port for the ServiceType NodePort (kourier config) (#1541, @eBeyond)
  • Autoscaling/v2beta1 and policy/v1beta1 are no longer supported. Please use autoscaling/v2 and policy/v1 if you are using custom manifests. (#1579, @nak3)
  • Disable probe when explicitly settting the empty overrideProbe. (#1519, @nak3)
  • Support Eventing transport-encryption (TLS), for more information, see (#1582, @pierDipi)
  • The operator now sets HorizontalPodAutoscaler replicas (on resources with HPAs) when workload overrides are defined. (#1548, @ReToCode)

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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