Knative InstallFest 2022/04/26

Published on: 2022-04-19

Leading developers in the community get you up and running fast



Knative benefits are clear and the potential is huge. For organizations using Kubernetes, adding Knative simplifies, automates, and monitors K8s deployments so teams spend less time on maintenance and more time on app development and projects. Knative takes over repetitive and time-intensive tasks while removing obstacles and delays.

Now part of CNCF, Knative helps you:

  • Seamlessly incorporate container-based serverless for your Kubernetes workloads, including scale to zero
  • Set up detailed actions triggered by specific events within a broader environment
  • Match cloud velocity with your on-premises workloads

Today, only a small percent of Kubernetes users are taking advantage of Knative, according to a recent CNCF survey.

We Are Out To Change This!

Join Knative community leaders and developers April 26 at 11:30 AM US Eastern to learn how you can snap multicloud serverless and eventing into your K8s cluster in no time.

As with most things cloud native, Knative presents you with multiple options when installing and configuring. We are having a community event free or charge where some of our Knative experts will walk you through step-by-step to get you productive with Knative right away.

You will learn how to:

  • Install Knative serving and eventing
  • Configure Knative networking
  • Deploy a sample serving application
  • Deploy a sample eventing application

Who should join:

  • Enterprise Platform Architects/Leads
  • Platform Computing Leaders
  • Container Leads
  • Developers interested in getting started with Knative
  • VPs of Engineering interested in serverless and Kubernetes
Your Presenters:
Carlos Santana Sebastien Goasguen Sameer Naik Chris Parlette
IBM Senior Principal Software Engineer TriggerMesh Co-founder TriggerMesh Senior Engineer TriggerMesh Sr. Solutions Architect

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