Knative welcomes new TOC members

Published on: 2020-05-15 ,  Revised on: 2021-12-14

This week, the Knative project successfully held its first TOC elections. The event constituted a milestone for the project’s governance, with 70% of voter turnout: 83 of the most active contributors to the project, representing companies like IBM, Pivotal, SAP, Google, VMWare, RedHat, and others participated in this election process.

The new technical stewardship for Knative now has more vendor diversity, with members representing RedHat, VMWare, and Google, as follows:

  • Nghia Tran (Google) - new member

  • Markus Thömmes (Red Hat) - new member

  • Grant Rodgers (Google) - new member

  • Matt Moore (VMWare) - existing member

  • Evan Anderson (VMWare) - existing member

Congratulations to the newly elected members!

Here is a brief introduction from the new members of the TOC:

Nghia Tran:
I have been involved with Knative in the very early days, and in the past two years I have been leading the Networking Working Group. I am honored to receive much support in the election. My hope is that I can help increase collaboration in the project, as well as help improve Knative users experience. Hopefully that would lead to even wider adoption than the early success that we currently enjoy.

Markus Thömmes:
I've been working full-time on Knative since back when it was non-public and still called _Elafros. Before that, I worked on the open-source FaaS platform Apache Openwhisk, where I was one of the founding members of the project._

Open-source is very dear to my heart so first and foremost I want to ensure that the Knative community stays the well-oiled machine it is today. Ensuring a healthy community, enabling innovative approaches and making room for constructive discussion are my top priorities.

Grant Rodgers:
Before I started at Google, I worked at GitHub where one of my projects was building an event processing platform to run on Kubernetes, and in retrospect, it was a perfect use case for Knative. I think my experience of needing this set of tools we're building gives me some insight into how those tools could best serve the needs of our users. I hope to leverage it to build the right tools for them.

Watch the presentation of the new members at the last community meetup.

The new election process proved to be solid, and it will be repeated annually for this project. Thank you to everyone who participated in this process, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future!

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