Knative Trademark Committee Dissolved

Published on: 2024-02-14

Author: Ali Ok, on behalf of the Knative Steering Committee

Knative joined CNCF in 2022, and the ownership of the branding and trademark has been transferred to the CNCF. As a result, the committee that was responsible for these matters, the Knative Trademark Committee, was not really needed anymore. The Knative Trademark Committee has decided to dissolve itself, and the Steering Committee will handle any trademark matters.

You may find the recording of the last meeting of the Knative Trademark Committee and the dissolution decision here.

Branding, trademark usage, conformance and scope matters that were previously handled by the Knative Trademark Committee will now be handled by the Steering Committee. Knative Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) will advise the Steering Committee on conformance and scope matters.

The Steering Committee will coordinate with the CNCF to ensure that the project's trademarks are protected and used in a way that is consistent with the project's goals.

You may find the record of the dissolved Knative Trademark Committee charter document

We would like to thank the emeritus members of the Knative Trademark Committee for their service and dedication to the project.

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