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Announcing Knative 1.8 Release ΒΆ

Published on: 2022-10-26 ,  Revised on: 2023-08-03

Announcing Knative 1.8 Release

A new version of Knative is now available across multiple components.

Follow the instructions in Installing Knative to install the components you require.

This release brings a number of smaller improvements to the core Knative Serving and Eventing components, and several improvements to specific plugins.

Table of Contents


🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • Our macOS binaries have been notarized so you should be able to run them right away when downloading them from GitHub without having to change Gatekeeper settings.

πŸ’« New Release


Release Notes

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • Uses the cluster domain suffix svc.cluster.local as the default domain. As routes using the cluster domain suffix are not exposed through Ingress, users will need to configure DNS in order to expose their services (most users probably already are). ((#13259, @psschwei)
  • Upgrade HorizontalPodAutoscaler to autoscaling/v2 API version (#13337, @nader-ziada)
  • Services may now set seccompProfile in SecurityContext to allow users to comply with the restricted Pod Security Standards best-practice (#13401, @evankanderson)
  • Bump min-version to k8s 1.23, so removing kind 1.22 testing (#13357, @nader-ziada)
  • Increase the outbound context deadline in reconcilers to 30s (from 10s) to match the maximum K8s webhook timeout. (#13323, @mattmoor)

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add timeout handling in Activator when processing a request for a revision (#13261, @nader-ziada)
  • EmptyDir volumes feature flag is now enabled by default (#13405, @dprotaso)
  • Queue proxy explicit set SeccompProfile to RunTimeDefault to be able to run under restricted PSP policy by default. (#13376, @skonto)
  • Save data from perf tests to create a dashboard. (#13192, @nader-ziada)

🐞Bug Fixes

  • Knative services can now specify securityContext.allowPrivilegeEscalation (#13395, @mattmoor)
  • ConfigMap config-defaults property revision-response-start-timeout-seconds now defaults to revision-timeout-seconds. This should unblock upgrades who set revision-timeout-seconds lower than the default value of 300 (#13255, @dprotaso)
  • Fix LatestReadyRevision semantics so it only advances forward. When a Revision fails the Configuration & Route will no longer fall back to older revision. The exception is when you rollback to a Revision that is explicitly named. (#13239, @dprotaso)


Release Notes

🚨 Breaking or Notable

  • The HorizontalPodAutoscaler manifests have been updated to v2, which is available with k8s 1.23+ (#6549, @matzew)
  • Add readiness and liveness probes in Knative Eventing controller (#6566, @lionelvillard)
  • Update k8s library to 1.25.2 (#6561, @lionelvillard)
  • Update pelletier/go-toml/v2 to v2.0.5 (#6574, @dsimansk)

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • InMemoryChannel receiver validates received events (#6511, @pierDipi)

🐞Bug Fixes

  • Fixing PodSecurity Policy warnings for restricted environments (#6533, @matzew)
  • Remove check for v1 API of ConfigMap as there is only v1 CMs (#6502, @matzew)
  • Fixes issue with sugar controller always setting the broker class to MTChannelBasedBroker instead of using the defaults ConfigMap (#6500, @gab-satchi)
  • Port old e2e containersource test to reconciler test (#6507, @liuchangyan)
  • Remove strict check in scorer plugins and respect max skew parameter. Requeue request when no pods available rather than fail scheduler. (#6524, @aavarghese)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Add --scale-activation flag to service create command options (#1729, @vyasgun)
  • Provide cli options to enable Kubernetes user, uid, and group impersonation via --as, --as-group and --as-uid flags (#1745, @a7i)

Bug or Regression

  • Fix release script version calculation (#1737, @dsimansk)


This is the first release for Functions as a part of Knative Core.

Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Cancel pipeline run on SIGINT/SIGTERM (#1329, @matejvasek)
  • On cluster build using direct source upload (i.e. git is not needed) (#1298, @matejvasek)
  • Changes package name from to (#1311, @lance)


Release Notes

πŸ’« New Features & Changes

  • Allow to use custom bootstrap configmap for Kourier (#1227, thanks @nak3)
  • Add workloads and deprecate deployments (#1246, thanks @pierDipi)
  • Support deployments/workloads probe overrides (#1247, thanks @skonto)

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Do not change spec.replicas directory for the Deployment which has HPA (#1201, thanks @nak3)
  • Allow zero replicas for HA and Deployment config (#1225, thanks @matzew)
  • Add the code to safeguard the nil pointer issue (#1228, thanks @houshengbo)
  • Refactor the ingress service for istio (#1231, thanks @houshengbo)
  • Update the fetcher and manfests for kafka sources (#1242, thanks @houshengbo)

Thank you, contributors

Release Leads:

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