Democracy is a beautiful thing

Published on: 2020-11-08 ,  Revised on: 2021-12-14

Democracy is a beautiful thing, those that want to dedicate their own time to improve a community can step up and those that have the right to vote can freely speak their mind to elect the candidate they think will be a net positive to the community.

We are running an election to fill out the two (2) seats due for election this year on the Knative Steering Committee. Each elected member will serve a two (2) year term.

This election will shape the future of Knative as a community and project. The Knative Steering Committee (KSC) is responsible for the general health of the Knative community, and this is the first general election for that body.

The process already started on October 27th with the announcement of the elections to the mailing list. The next milestone is to have a complete list of candidates, and nominations close on November 9th at 0000 UTC (5pm Pacific).

If you are eligible and want to stand for election, the process is simple just open a PR against the knative/community repository to include your candidate profile in the /elections/2020/SC folder, with your name as the filename. This profile should include:

  • Your name
  • Your company affiliation (employer or otherwise)
  • Your contributions to Knative
  • Why you are running

You can find a sample template in the folder.

This is the schedule for the elections if you want to follow along.

Date Event
October 27 Announcement of Election, call for nominations
November 9 All candidate nominations due by 0000 UTC (5pm Pacific)
November 12 Election Begins via email ballots
November 22 Last call for exception & replacement ballots
November 29 Election Closes by 0000 UTC (5pm Pacific)
December 3 Announcement of Results at Knative Steering Meeting

You can read the current Knative Steering Committee Election - 2020 Voters Guide for all the details.

And remember if you have the right to vote, then speak your mind by voting because every vote counts!

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