GSuite configuration for

Historical Context

The Knative Community GSuite tools used the domain up until January 4th, 2021. With the GSuite org being under the domain, this affected the following:

Due to the challenges of managing community artifacts, we now have a GSuite org.

GSuite gotchas accounts have a corporate policy that prevents them from creating new drive documents outside the domain. Googlers should use a consumer ( or account to create documents on the team drive (including uploading recordings). Googlers can comment or edit existing documents without problems. GSuite Setup


Steering Committee

All steering committee members have “Super Admin” privileges on the GSuite account. This allows steering members to create new groups, manage Google Meet settings etc. In order to access the GSuite admin console, navigate to

Technical Oversight Committee

The technical oversight committee members each have a GSuite account. This is to allow TOC members to assist with some of the GSuite automation and GDrive migration. In addition to this, TOC members will need a account to allow people without a account into public meetings hosted on Google Hangouts.

Working Group Leads

Each WG lead has a GSuite account. This is to allow WG leads to let people without a account into the public WG meetings hosted on Google Hangouts.

When each WG lead steps down, a GSuite admin will have to remove their account as there currently is no automation set up.

Mailing lists

There are several mailing lists set up to manage permission groups (some could also be used for communication, but that is not the current usage). There is currently no automation to manage these lists.

Payment and Package

The GSuite is a Business Standard GSuite Plan. This is required so that WG meetings have the ability to record meetings. If we need changes made to the GSuite package-type on this account, April Nassi can help with this.

The GSuite org is currently paid by Google. Mary Radomile is the point of contact if we need help re: billing.