Knative Golang policy

Knative’s components are mostly written in Golang. As such the project has to deal with major and minor upgrades of the Go language itself. The following principles are applied regarding the Golang version Knative tests and releases with.


Knative generally strives to always use the most recent Golang version available, to ensure future compatibility and to benefit from the ongoing optimization to the Golang runtime.

CI systems (Prow and Github Actions) should try to always be on the most recent patch level.


All repositories should depend on the same Golang version, evidenced in their respective go.mod file.


Major Golang version bumps (i.e. 1.14 to 1.15) should be made deliberately and should not be taken too lightly. Such a change should not happen too closely to a release of Knative. If the bump would be within two weeks of the Knative release cycle, it should be postponed until the next release to allow for thorough testing and hardening. Exceptions to this should be discussed and agreed upon through the TOC.

Since such a version bump can potentially be breaking to some repositories, the change should be announced and discussed and agreed upon between the impacted working groups.