Knative team values

We want to make sure every member has a shared understanding of the goals and values we hold as a team:

  • Optimize for the overall project, not your own area or feature

    • A shortcut for one individual can mean a lot of extra work or disruption for the rest of the team.
  • Our repos should always be in release shape: Always Green

    • This lets us move faster in the mid and long term.
    • This implies investments in build/test infrastructure to have fast, reliable tests to ensure that we can release at any time.
    • Extra discipline may require more work by individuals to keep the build in good state, but less work overall for the team.
  • Be specific, respectful and courteous

    • Disagreements are welcome and encouraged, but don’t use broad generalizations, exaggerations, or judgment words that can be taken personally. Consider other people’s perspective (including the wide range of applicability of Knative). Empathize with our users. Focus on the specific issue at hand, and remember that we all care about the project, first and foremost.
    • Emails to the mailing lists, document comments, or meetings are often better and higher bandwidth ways to communicate complex and nuanced design issues, as opposed to protracted heated live chats.
    • Be mindful of the terminology you are using, it may not be the same as someone else and cause misunderstanding. To promote clear and precise communication, define the terms you are using in context.
    • See also the Code of Conduct, which everyone must abide by.
  • Raising issues is great, suggesting solutions is even better

    • Think of a proposed alternative and improvement rather than just what you perceive as wrong.
    • If you have no immediate solution even after thinking about it - if something does seem significant, raise it to someone who might be able to also think of solutions or to the group (don’t stay frustrated! Feel safe in bringing up issues.
    • Avoid rehashing old issues that have been resolved/decided (unless you have new insights or information).
  • Be productive and happy, and most importantly, have fun :-)

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