Knative project values

Knative Community Values

It’s important to have explicitly defined values, these are ours:

  • We welcome all skill sets
    • The Knative community should strive to be approachable, welcoming, and friendly to new contributors.
  • All contributions are recognized
    • A successful project requires contributions of many different kinds, from code to program management to customer research. As a community we want status within the project to be derived from contributions to the project recognizing that all contribution types have value.
    • Roles and skills should be aligned so contributors feel empowered to lead. If someone is doing the work, the role should be codified / formalized; eg glue, release, notes, PM.
    • Leadership roles should be earned by individuals based on their contributions in the project over time.
  • We value transparency and visibility
    • Decision making should be as transparent as possible at each level in the project:
      • Work and decisions should happen in public.
      • All contributors should follow the same process, regardless of their employer.
      • There should be public notes and meeting recordings so that anyone can follow discussion regardless of their timezone or ability to meet.
  • Focus on what is right for the users (“delight our users”)
    • We should be wearing community hats in the community; community over company.
    • Focus on what’s right for the users.
    • We welcome structured, customer-driven features (end-users, PM roles).
  • We value feedback
    • There should be well-defined, visible, accountable feedback loops.

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