Knative Client Working Group Charter


The Knative Client Working Group maintains a delightful baseline operator-neutral Knative client developer experience, including documentation about what normative clients do, and a reference implementation of a normative client.



In a new repo in the knative org:

In working group meetings:


Preliminary 3-Month Roadmap

Month 1 (December. December barely exists.)

Month 2

Month 3


Documentation details

New WG will own and from Serving; similar docs can start here, concerning any of Serving, Eventing, Build.

Library details

CLI details

A basic command-line client (or plugin to kubectl, chosen based on overall developer experience), built on the Go library, that provides a command-line interface for all the tasks.

Responsibility also includes

Possible future scope:

Out of scope:

Working Group

To be a peer of the other Knative working groups, run weekly (to start), cancelled when we don’t have enough to talk about.