Kafka Eventing Working Group


Within the knative-sandbox org, Kafka based eventing currently includes 2 channel implementations, 2 sources implementations, 1 broker and 1 sink with more than three vendors and multiple users for production workloads. With that, it is desired to have a dedicated forum for Kafka based Eventing which can be really beneficial both for exposure and focus.

Mission Statement

The Eventing Kafka working group is the innovation forum for Kafka experts, end users and vendors wanting to leverage Kafka for Knative Eventing components. The working group enables a diversity of Kafka based components while ensuring Eventing users end up with a smooth UX for choosing, running and maintaining those components and that Eventing Kafka contributors are aligned on a set of working group standards.


  1. Align the future work across all Kafka based eventing components into a single Kafka focused roadmap.
  2. Promote eventing Kafka to the community and attract more Kafka end users, adopters, and contributors.
  3. Narrow-focus on Kafka features, Kafka docs, and Kafka user and contributor experience.

In Scope

Out of Scope

Proposed Leads