Security Working Group Charter


The “aaS” in FaaS stands for “as-a-service”. Many users would like to use Knative as the basis of a multi-tenant FaaS or PaaS-style platform. Even users who do not need hard multi-tenancy will wish to be confident of Knative’s security in single-tenant and soft multi-tenant scenarios. Currently the project provides limited guidance for how to configure and deploy itself successfully in these environments. The Security Working Group’s mission will be to fix this, by improving documentation, code, and process as needed to harden Knative for these use cases.


The Security Working Group is responsible for helping users successfully run Knative in security sensitive environments. This mission will involve documentation, proactive exploratory testing, fixing of gaps, and production of necessary manifests and example security policies for various use cases.

The Working Group will evaluate new and existing features for their security impact, and where necessary will work with other Working Groups to add features and close gaps in order to support security-sensitive and multi-tenant use cases. The overarching goal is to, as well as to promote a security-conscious mindset throughout the project.

Example features and tasks which could fit within this mission (see also “Goals”, below):

Working Group

Since this work cross-cuts Serving, Eventing, and Documentation, and since Security and Multi-tenancy are on-going considerations for the project, this will be a top-level working group which will work closely with other working groups.




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Preliminary 3-month Roadmap

Potential Future (6-12 month) Items

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