Community code samples

Get up and running with one of the community code samples. These samples are contributed and maintained by members of the Knative community.

Note: It is possible that one or more samples might become outdated or the original author is unable to maintain their contribution. If you find that something isn’t working, lend a helping hand and fix it in a PR.

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Interactive serving sample

Check out this Katacoda tutorial which will walk you through installing Knative and the kn command line tool, deploying a sample container, updating your deployment, and performing a traffic split between the two versions.

Serving samples

Knative Serving sample apps.

Sample Name Description Language(s)
Hello World A quick introduction to Knative Serving that highlights how to deploy an app. Clojure, Dart, Elixir, Haskell, Java - Micronaut, Java - Quarkus, R - Go Server, Rust, Swift, Vertx
Machine Learning A quick introduction to using Knative Serving to serve machine learning models Python - BentoML

Eventing and Eventing Resources samples

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Client samples

Knative kn Client sample workflows and apps.

Sample Name Description
knfun Knative micro-functions (Twitter and Watson APIs) demo using the kn client.