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Configuring private Services

By default, Services deployed through Knative use the .svc.cluster.local domain, meaning they are private and thus do not have a public IP address or a public URL.

In order to make Knative Services public (with a public IP address and public URL) by default, configure a domain name for the Service. This can be done for a single Service or for all Services on a cluster.

Making individual services private

To make an individual Service private, the Service or Route can be labelled with so that it is not published to the external gateway.

  • To label a Knative Service:

    kubectl label kservice ${KSVC_NAME}

    By labeling the Kubernetes Service you can restrict visibility in a more fine-grained way. See Traffic management for information about tagged routes.

  • To label a Route when the Route is used directly without a Knative Service:

    kubectl label route ${ROUTE_NAME}
  • To label a Kubernetes Service:

    kubectl label service ${SERVICE_NAME}


You can deploy the Hello World sample and then convert it to be an cluster-local Service by labelling the Service:

kubectl label kservice helloworld-go

You can then verify that the change has been made by verifying the URL for the helloworld-go Service:

kubectl get kservice helloworld-go

NAME            URL                                              LATESTCREATED         LATESTREADY           READY   REASON
helloworld-go   http://helloworld-go.default.svc.cluster.local   helloworld-go-2bz5l   helloworld-go-2bz5l   True

The Service returns the a URL with the svc.cluster.local domain, indicating the Service is only available in the cluster-local network.

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