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Knative Eventing code samples

Use the following code samples to help you understand the various use cases for Knative Eventing and Event Sources. Learn more about Knative Eventing and Eventing Sources.

See all Knative code samples in GitHub.

Name Description Languages
Hello World A quick introduction that highlights how to deploy an app using Knative. Go and Python
CloudAuditLogsSource Configure a CloudAuditLogsSource resource to read data from Cloud Audit Logs and directly publish to the underlying transport (Pub/Sub), in CloudEvents format. YAML
CloudPubSubSource Configure a CloudPubSubSource that fires a new event each time a message is published on a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. This source sends events using a Push-compatible format. YAML
CloudSchedulerSource Configure a CloudSchedulerSource resource for receiving scheduled events from Google Cloud Scheduler. YAML
CloudStorageSource Configure a CloudStorageSource resource to deliver Object Notifications for when a new object is added to Google Cloud Storage (GCS). YAML
GitHub source Shows how to wire GitHub events for consumption by a Knative Service. YAML
GitLab source Shows how to wire GitLab events for consumption by a Knative Service. YAML
Apache Kafka Binding KafkaBinding is responsible for injecting Kafka bootstrap connection information into a Kubernetes resource that embed a PodSpec (as spec.template.spec). This enables easy bootstrapping of a Kafka client. YAML
Apache Kafka Channel Install and configure the Apache Kafka Channel as the default Channel configuration for Knative Eventing. YAML
Writing an event source using JavaScript This tutorial provides instructions to build an event source in JavaScript and implement it with a ContainerSource or SinkBinding. JavaScript
Parallel with multiple cases Create a Parallel with two branches. YAML
Parallel with mutually exclusive cases Create a Parallel with mutually exclusive branches. YAML
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