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Eventing integration with Istio service mesh

Flag name: istio

Stage: Beta, disabled by default

Tracking issue: #6596


Administrators can use Istio with Eventing to encrypt, authenticate and authorize requests to Eventing components.



Some Eventing components use services of type ExternalName and with such services, Istio need to be manually configured to connect to such services using mutual TLS.

Eventing releases a controller that automatically configures Istio so that any pod that is part of an Istio mesh can communicate with Eventing components that are also part of the same Istio mesh.

  1. Create the Eventing namespace and enable Istio injection:
    kubectl create namespace knative-eventing --dry-run=client -oyaml | kubectl apply -f -
    kubectl label namespace knative-eventing istio-injection=enabled
  2. Follow Eventing installation

  3. Install eventing-istio-controller:

    kubectl apply -f

  4. Verify eventing-istio-controller is ready:
    kubectl get deployment -n knative-eventing
    Example output:
    NAME                        ...   READY
    eventing-istio-controller   ...   True 
    # other deployments omitted ...

Enable istio integration

The istio feature flag is an enum configuration that configures the eventing-istio-controller to create Istio resources for Eventing resources.

The possible values for istio are:

  • disabled
    • Disable Eventing integration with Istio
  • enabled
    • Enabled Eventing integration with Istio

For example, to enable istio integration, the config-features ConfigMap will look like the following:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: config-features
  namespace: knative-eventing
  istio: "enabled"

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